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How To Create And Sign In To Hotmail And Outlook Account

Throughout the years, Microsoft has been doing a couple of rebrands for the services they offer. This included changing names of their services, such as Hotmail. Their services are one of the most sought out free email services in the world, that’s why it’s beneficial to understand how to create and sign in to it. But Hotmail has gotten a major rebranding and is now named as Outlook.

It can be quite perplexing now that Outlook is the new official name of Microsoft’s former Hotmail. But people still wonder, how can old users still sign in their @hotmail.com domain. Better yet, how do you create a new Outlook account? So this tutorial will go through understanding and explaining how to create and sign in to those accounts.

Clarification about Hotmail and Outlook

With all this confusion, there is a need to clarify which is which. Since Microsoft has rebranded, Hotmail was replaced with the name Outlook and has upgraded features and interface. But users who have created accounts using the Hotmail domain before can still use their accounts, keep that domain, and enjoy the services Outlook now provides.

Users who will create new accounts will now get the @outlook.com domain. So, to clarify this, you’re creating a new Outlook account that was formerly Hotmail, but you still have the option to create an email using that domain.

How to Create Hotmail Account or Outlook Account

Now that’s all clarified, let’s get to the step-by step process. 

1. Go to the Microsoft Outlook Website. Here is the link: https://www.outlook.com/. You can open this website using any browser. You can only create an account using the website because the Outlook mobile app still doesn’t have this feature.

2. Once you’re in the Microsoft Outlook website, look for the “Create Free Account” and click that. It’s the button that can be found at the bottom left and it’s color blue. You’re going to be redirected to new page wherein you’re going to type in your new email.

3. Now it’s time for you to create a new email. Here, you can choose whether you want to use @outlook.com or @hotmail.com. Either domain name would be functional on the Outlook website. It’s easier if you use a unique email so you get through this process quickly.

4. This step includes creating your new password. This is a crucial step because you want your account secure and safe from hackers or anybody who wants to get into it. To make your password strong and hack-proof, combine letters, numbers, and symbols to make it less predictable.

5. After you’ve created your strong password, you can now decide if you want to receive tips, offers, and information about the various services and products of Microsoft. If you do, leave the box checked. If not, uncheck the box and proceed to the next step. Clicking next would also mean that you agree to the terms and conditions of Microsoft and its services.

6. You’re now directed to the next step which is to fill in your given first name and last name. Make sure that the name you filled in are your real name.

7. After clicking next, you’re going to select your country or region. Look for your country in the drop-down box and select one. More often than not, this region will be filled by Microsoft, so it’s going to be quicker.

8. Once you’ve entered your country or region, you’re now going to enter your birthday.

9. Before you can proceed, you will be asked to answer a captcha wherein you need to copy all that you see.

10. After you click next, you have now successful created your Hotmail or Outlook account.

Now that you have created your account, you will initially be asked to check whether the time zone shown is your correct time zone; you can change it if it’s not accurate. Next, you’ll be asked to choose a theme for your account. You can also change this later on if you want something else. After all that, you can then add or make your first email. Easy, right?

How to Sign in to Your Hotmail Account or Outlook Account

Just like how easy it is to sign into your social media accounts, Outlook also makes it pretty easy to sign it. Here are the steps to follow to sign in.

1. Go to the Microsoft Outlook website. Follow through this link: https://www.outlook.com/. You will be redirected to its login page, which has a different link but this is still the same website.

2. Type in your email. Make sure this is the same email you made to make an Outlook account. After typing, click next.

3. Enter your password. Here you can choose to keep yourself signed in or not. Just simply check or uncheck the box, respectively.

4. After entering your password, you’ll be directed to your home page.

Sign in Problems 

While the steps to signing in your account is easy, you might be encountering a couple of problems that stop you from getting into your account. If you can’t out what’s wrong, try checking your caps lock if it’s turn on. Also check your email address, if you’re using the right domain and the email is spelled correctly.

Another problem you might encounter is if your account has been idle for more than a year or 365 days. If you haven’t used your email or logged in for more than 365 days, your account has most likely been deleted and it can no longer be recovered. You have to create a new account if you want to keep on using Outlook’s services.

If you still can’t sign in even if you have double-checked everything, it’s either you have to reset your password or you check the service status of Outlook.com. Chances are there are problems with the services that’s why you can’t log in.

Now that everything is clarified about the whole Hotmail and Outlook confusion, you can now create your Outlook account and sign in without any doubts. Just don’t forget your email and your password so you don’t have any problems signing in the future. If you do encounter problems, just check your password or the service status of Outlook’s website.

When you have finished using your account you should log out for security.

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